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Through exposure to a variety of techniques and viewpoints, students gain the ability to work creatively beyond the conventions of mainstream animation.

Ceramic student painting


Ceramics students explore personal ideas through the lenses of history, aesthetics, world culture, social/environmental issues, design, craftsmanship, science, and innovation.

MDes Bootcamp

Design Innovation

The Master of Design: Design Innovation (MDes) program at MassArt is a full-time, two-year (60 credit hours) graduate program that prepares the next generation of innovators to lead organizational and social transformation at corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Fibers students


The fibers program offers students an intensive grounding in traditional fiber techniques to support experimental work across all areas of art, artisanry, and design.

Film/Video student


Students at MassArt study film and video as fine arts, in an environment that emphasizes and supports the development of a personal vision and encourages experimentation across mediums and genres.

Student in hotshop


The glass program encourages students to experiment with glass as a medium for individual expression, through the creation of vessels and sculptural forms.

Illustration students


Every illustrator is a storyteller at heart. MassArt’s Illustration program emphasizes the understanding of character development and narrative techniques.


Low-Residency MFA

The MFA: Fine Arts (low residency) offers artists and educators a 60-credit terminal degree, earned in two academic years and three summer residencies on the MassArt campus in Boston’s arts district.

Painting student


Painting students are part of an intense working environment where they can pursue their own direction. The program encourages diverse practice and does not limit the development of work into other genres.

Photo student


Photography students study photography as fine art with an emphasis on the history of photography and the body of criticism surrounding the medium, as well as the development of their own personal vision and experimentation in the studio.

Sculpture student


Sculpture students have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials, including wood, different types of metals, clay, plaster, mixed media, glass, fiber, stone, and video.