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A grad student loading ceramic work into a kiln

Explore your creativity through the endlessly adaptable medium of clay, used around the world in art and design.

MassArt Ceramics students explore personal ideas through a lens of history, aesthetics, world culture, social /environmental issues, design, craftsmanship, science and technological innovation. You will focus on your own creative work, and also study ceramic chemistry, kiln building and firing (both electric and gas), social practice, and environmental impact. The curriculum includes a wide range of elective course choices, giving you a strong foundation to continue your professional life after MassArt.

Ceramics Studios & Kiln Room

MassArt’s kiln room features 5 large gas kilns (soda and raku) and 7 electric kilns, a full chem lab, and clay mixing/recycling.

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621 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115

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