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In Case of Emergency

Contact Public Safety


Public Safety is available 24/7.

Our Goals

Keeping our campus safe and secure is top priority for the Office of Public Safety. That commitment means our office, located in the Tower Building, is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And it’s why we maintain working relationships with state and local police, as well as area hospitals — so in the event of an emergency where our community requires assistance that isn’t available on campus, we can serve as a referral agency to provide help swiftly and effectively. 

Because we believe strongly that the safety and security of any community depends on each of us doing our part, the Office of Public Safety also offers crime prevention and safety programs as well as orientations throughout the year.

Our Commitments

The Department of Public Safety is guided by the following commitments:

  • Serve the MassArt community with objectivity, compassion, and respect for the unique needs and values of the people that we serve. We conduct that service with honesty, integrity, transparency, and fairness, fulfilling commitments in good faith, without bias, and with the highest level of responsibility and accountability.

  • Develop strategies to reduce crime and the fear of crime while improving safety as well as the quality of life within the MassArt community.

  • Facilitate collaborative efforts between Public Safety and the MassArt community by stimulating, developing, and supporting MassArt community organizations and operating as effective partners.

  • Integrate the core components of the community policing philosophy, consistent with departmental policy and MassArt values.

  • Establish trust with the MassArt community, and work every day to be worthy of that trust.

  • Maintain integrity in our lives and dealings with each member of the community, be accountable, and always strive to improve our police and security services.

  • Be rooted in just and equitable practices for the good of everyone in our community.

  • Educate students, staff, faculty, residents, and college partners within the MassArt and local community on crime prevention and methods to better protect themselves and their property, their neighborhood, or their business.
Emergency Response Guide

Review MassArt’s Emergency Response Guide to learn how to effectively identify and react to on-campus emergencies.

Emergency Response Guide (PDF)

Rapid Response Team (RRT)

In the event of a major campus emergency, MassArt’s Rapid Response Team will meet and determine how best to respond to the event, safeguard persons and property, and maintain college facilities. The RRT, comprised of senior staff members from across the College, is responsible for developing and implementing plans for emergency prevention, incident management and recovery, and business continuity.

Contact Public Safety

Call: (617) 879-7800

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621 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115

(617) 879-7000