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Jewelry and Metalsmithing students find successful career paths through the design and creation of contemporary jewelry and functional objects.

The Jewelry and Metalsmithing program combines hands-on practice with creative problem solving. Students engage with traditional and contemporary metalwork as they investigate social, cultural, and historical contexts.

Students learn essential jewelry and metalsmithing practices and concepts such as cold connections, fabrication, soldering, patination, casting, stone settings, raising, forging, repossé and chasing. Specialty electives offered include enameling, anodizing, CAD/CAM, and advanced techniques. All instruction occurs in a safety-driven, cooperative environment focusing on empathy and responsibility.

The jewelry and metals department is a supportive and inspiring environment. The small scale allows for a tight-knit community of talented makers. Julia Giangrande ‘23 BFA Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Metals Studio

Learn essential skills and bring your creative vision to life in MassArt’s studios, among the best equipped in the country.

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It’s a genuine honor to work with MassArt’s talented students at this remarkable state-funded school. Heather White Professor, Jewelry and Metalsmithing
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