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Students sit working on Looms

The Fibers program offers students an intensive grounding in traditional fiber techniques to support experimental work in art, artisanry, and design.

As a Fibers student at MassArt, you will experience a diverse array of courses that focus on the rich possibilities of understanding fibers in relation to other disciplines such as sculpture, performance, and installation. You will be encouraged to make personally meaningful connections between traditional approaches to fiber and contemporary developments in the field.

Conversations around environmental and cultural sustainability are an essential part of our Fibers curriculum. Jenine Shereos Program Area Chair, Fibers

Jenine Shereos

Program Area Chair, Fibers

Deborah Klotz

Program Area Chair, Fibers

Judith Leeman

Associate Professor, Fibers

Nathalie Miebach

Visiting Lecturer, Fibers
Fibers Handmade Paper / Ink Collaboration

In an ongoing collaboration between the Papermaking and Material Color classes, students exchange handmade paper and inks created using natural pigments.

Students working on looms, weaving
Loom Room

The Loom Room offers specialized resources and workspaces of all sizes, suitable for the construction of small-scale to large-scale fiber projects.

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