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Painting students pursue artistic excellence, experimental expression, and technical mastery through rigorous work and a deep sense of dedication.

In a world steeped in imagery and new technologies, painting is timeless. It connects us to history, culture, and humanity, while grounding us in the present through deep observation and reflection.

In MassArt’s Fine Arts 2D Department, you’ll learn from world-renowned faculty and work with students who are passionate about developing their talent and technical skills – just like you. Whether you’re a BFA or MFA student, you’ll find a passionate, challenging, and supportive environment.

Our students enjoy progressive guidance and freedom to explore and strengthen their personal visions, focusing on technique, tradition, and innovative experimentation. Cecilia Vázquez Chair, Fine Arts 2D
Painting Studios
Once students declare their major in Painting as sophomores, they all have access to personal studio space, which increases in size throughout their junior and senior years.
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621 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115

(617) 879-7000