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Communication Design touches every aspect of the world around us and is central to how we construct and convey meaning.

At MassArt, Communication Design students gain the powerful skills, techniques, and ways of thinking that drive the modern world. When you look at your cell phone, shop, drive, take a bus, search online, or engage in thousands of other daily activities, you are encountering the work of communication design. The brands, websites, apps, brochures, and other visual communications created by designers shape how we understand the world and ourselves.

Our students are curious, motivated, and hard-working. Lisa Rosowsky Chair, Communication Design
A student looking down at a letterpress
Letterpress Studio
MassArt’s well-equipped Letterpress Studio offers a large collection of both metal and wood type, and five Vandercook presses.
32 unique programs. A world of opportunity.
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621 Huntington Ave,
Boston, MA 02115

(617) 879-7000