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Communication Design

Studios, Labs, & Letterpress

Communication Design BFA students are assigned individual studio workspaces and can utilize our Letterpress studio, Design Resource Room, and Print Lab.

Communication Design students share studio space with Illustration majors in the Design Studio at MassArt. This individual studio provides each student with a dedicated space to explore and develop their skills. The shared space for communication design invites discussion and collaboration across disciplines.

The Print Lab

The Print Lab offers students access to technology and digital media in a supportive environment that reflects the realities of professional art and design fields. Outfitted with high-performance computer workstations, the Print Lab has space for classes as well as independent work. Experienced staff members, who are also artists and designers, are available to provide assistance with printing and using the technology.

Letterpress Studio

Located within the Design Studios is a Letterpress studio, where students learn about the traditions and craft of printing using letterpress, and the historically intertwined relationships between typography and printing technologies.


Video: Dillon Buss ’12 BFA Film/Video


The Letterpress studio features five Vandercook presses and more than 500 fonts of metal and wood type. To access the MassArt Letterpress shop, students must be enrolled in a full-time or Continuing Education course or workshop. 

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