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Dynamic Media Institute


Our DMI graduate certificate program will allow you to explore the role of dynamic media in communication design.

DMI’s graduate certificate is a one-year, 24 to 29-credit, immersive educational program that gives students the opportunity to focus on the role and new uses of dynamic media in communication design. Upon successful completion, students earn a Graduate Post-Baccalaureate certificate in design, and many apply to continue onto the MFA program, transferring up to 6 credits from the Post-Baccalaureate course of study.

Postbac Design Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the DMI Postbac Design Program are expected to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes.

  • Produce a comprehensive thesis project and thesis book relating to interactive communication design on a topic of personal interest
  • Apply design thinking to, and conceive of new ways of designing for a wide range of human interaction, communication and multi-sensory experience
  • Utilize a range of research techniques including text reviews, experimentation and prototyping
  • Present technical information and data visually and dynamically, and translate non-visual experience into visual forms
  • Experiment with sound, motion, gesture, narrative, mapping, in design applications
  • Apply state-of-the-art technology to graphic and dynamic studio work
  • Understand of the theoretical underpinnings of historical and contemporary communication design, achieving a solid intellectual and historical framework for thinking about the work one creates
  • Develop skill in communicating with, and learning from, people across disciplines, learning the language of multiple disciplines, and synthesizing multiple points of view
  • Develop awareness and understanding of the diverse cultural, historical, and experiential issues expressed and inherent in one’s design practice and in the discipline of design
  • Develop presentation skills including public speaking, visual presentations, and writing
  • Understand a range of professional pathways for careers in dynamic media, as leaders in the design field, educators, practitioners, and entrepreneurs
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