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Dynamic Media Institute

Fresh Media

Fresh media is an annual exhibition organized by students that highlights the work of MFA candidates from the Dynamic Media Institute (DMI) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

This exhibition is a showcase of a diverse range of art pieces encompassing audio-visual experiences, digital/mechanical devices, augmented reality, video games, projection mapping, and educational tools. For over a decade, Fresh Media has been a consistent presence in various venues across the city.

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Expand your Network

As a DMI student, you’re invited to participate in a range of events, both here on the MassArt campus and throughout Greater Boston. Grow your design knowledge and expand your network by attending talks, exhibitions, and career development opportunities alongside peers, faculty, and MassArt alumni.

Design Speaker Series

The Design Speaker Series is a collaboration between MassArt’s undergraduate program in Communication Design and the Dynamic Media Institute, the college’s MFA program in Design. 

Each semester, the series brings to campus innovative designers working with a range of methods and goals, for presentations and dialogue with students and the MassArt community.

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