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Erika's Favorites: Sustainable style is the future of fashion

Jennifer Varekamp (professor, Fashion Design) and Fashion alumna Caroline Fortin are interviewed by Chronicle's Erika Tarantal.

"Jennifer Varekamp is a professor in the Fashion Department at MassArt. She says the rise of so-called fast fashion, clothing that is cheap and disposable has been deeply harmful in many ways."

Open-collar boomers ask nostalgically: Where have all the neckties gone?

Jay Calderin, founder of Boston Fashion Week and a visiting lecturer in Fashion Design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, comments on the neck tie: “It’s not part of the uniform anymore...But if fashion history is any indication, the tie will become a status symbol, a flourish that people will wear on special occasions to express themselves, or show they’re important, or fashionable.”

Downtown streets are the back-to-office runway, and people are wearing whatever they want

"For office workers who spend 9 to 5 in the heart of Boston, there is no dress code, no policy, and no certainty anymore. Retailers used COVID to peddle new categories of clothing, like “workleisure,” “power casual,” or the most straightforward contender: “hybrid workwear.”"

MassArt Fashion Design assistant professor, Kenlyn Jones, shares her thoughts on post-pandemic attire and "coming out of style hibernation."

StyleWeek Recap Featuring Fashion at Brown (F@B) and Four Regional Designers

"Jacqueline Monez’s avant-garde creations under her line, JACQUELABEL, wowed the crowd with colorful molded bodices featuring a drip technique and halter pieces combined with hard-edged mini skirts or flowing, romantic skirts. Other looks were structural wonders that looked like orchids and flowers in bloom.

Tender Cargo: A Journey through Time, Trauma and Unanswered Questions

Congratulations to MassArt alumna Taleen Batalian, whose solo show "Tender Cargo" opened this month at the WaterFire Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Batalian came to her art through fashion design, receiving her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After several years in the Boston fashion scene with designer David Josef and retailer Lord & Taylor, she became a teacher and built an art program for an elementary and middle private school.

Universal Tools at MassArt include the Digital Fabrication Labs, Documentation Room, Installation Room, Lighting Installation Room, Public Spaces, Sound Studio and Woodshop

Universal Tools

MassArt has universal tools and resources that are open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the College, regardless of major. These facilities include the Digital Fabrication Labs (Fablabs) - which include tools for 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser cutting, and a PCLab for 3D modeling; a Documentation Room; an Installation Room; a Lighting Installation Room; Public Spaces; Sound Studio; and Woodshop.

The new frontier of fashion is digital, and some Boston-based companies are all in

"Some designers in Massachusetts say the future of fashion is digital. As virtual lives get more sophisticated and immersive, people are paying real dollars for virtual sneakers and apparel. We speak with WBUR business reporter Yasmin Amer about Boston businesses creating and selling those digital products."

Listen to this segment aired on October 7, 2022.


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