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Refund Process


If your financial aid exceeds your billed expenses at MassArt, you are able to receive a refund for the excess amount.

This amount is refunded to the student.

If the amount of the Parent PLUS Loan exceeds the billed expenses, and the parent borrower requested to receive the refund in their Parent PLUS Loan application, a refund will be mailed to the parent borrower.

Students that receive financial aid refund checks may use this money for any sort of educational expenses such as rent, art supplies, food, etc.

The Business Office disburses the refunds, and will notify students via MassArt email when refunds are available.


Students that want to use their financial aid to buy books and supplies at the bookstore can get bookstore vouchers in $200 increments during the first two weeks of each semester for use in the school store.

  • If you are due a refund, you will generally receive your refund sometime in October for the Fall semester and sometime in early March for the spring semester (as long as the financial aid funds have been received by the College).
  • If you want to ensure that you will receive your refund in a timely manner, make sure that all FINANCIAL AID PAPERWORK AND LOAN APPLICATIONS ARE COMPLETE, and avoid late registration!
  • Dropping or withdrawing from classes may affect your financial aid, not to mention getting your degree in a timely manner. See more on the Withdrawal & Reduction Policy.

Please be financially prepared!  •  617.879.7900