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MassTransfer Program

MassArt Commencement 2022

Are you a Massachusetts high school student interested in attending MassArt? If so, you can earn significant savings on the cost of your education while strengthening your application to MassArt by participating in the state's MassTransfer program.

Through the program, you would begin your coursework at a local community college by following MassTransfer's 30-credit A2B Mapped Pathway (and take equivalent coursework to MassArt's first-year student requirements). Upon completion, you would transfer to MassArt at the sophomore level into the undergraduate program of your choice, pending space availability.

By participating in MassTransfer, you have the opportunity to strengthen your application to MassArt by potentially improving your grades and/or portfolio at a community college - while saving on tuition and fees.

When applying to MassArt, MassTransfer applicants are given priority and approved credits are guaranteed to transfer. Based on your academic performance at the community college, you may be eligible for a MassTransfer Tuition Credit at MassArt, earning you additional cost savings

For a seamless transfer to MassArt, please refer to the MassTransfer A2B Maps to plan your first-year coursework at a local community college. Credits taken through the A2B Mapped Pathway are guaranteed to transfer to MassArt as long as you earn a letter grade 'C' or higher in applicable classes.

Please note that the MassTransfer guidelines for MassArt are different from those of other participating state universities as we recommend that students transfer after only one year at a community college, instead of two, prior to completing an associate degree.

Complete an A2B pathway with a 3.00 or greater grade point average (GPA), and you may be eligible to receive a MassTransfer Tuition Credit. Currently valued at $1,030 for 2021-22, you could receive this credit for three years upon transferring to MassArt. To be eligible, please make sure to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an A2B pathway with a 3.0 cumulative GPA and enroll at MassArt within one year
  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA at MassArt (students will be eligible to receive the tuition waiver for six consecutive semesters)
  • Enroll at MassArt within one year of completing your pathway
  • Note that students must matriculate into state-funded academic programs (because evening, weekend, summer and other ‘continuing education’ programs are not state-funded, students matriculating into those programs will not receive the tuition credit)


Students who complete the 30-credit A2B pathway with a 2.5+ grade point average are guaranteed to transfer to MassArt at the sophomore level in their chosen program, space permitting and pending review of their portfolio*. Students can expect to spend three years at MassArt upon transferring to earn their BFA. 

*Students must submit coursework samples from each studio class in their application portfolio. 

MassTransfer applicants must apply to MassArt via the Common Application. Students will be granted an application fee waiver but are required to submit all other supplementary requirements including an essay. 

MassArt's application requirements

Because MassArt transfers are not required to earn an associate degree before applying, students who transferred from a community college may want to apply credits earned at MassArt back to their community college, essentially claiming their earned associate degree while staying on track to earn a bachelor’s degree as well. 

reverse transfer process

Commonwealth Commitment

Students who attend full-time and earn a 3.0 GPA or higher also have the opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Commitment. The Commonwealth Commitment provides even more financial benefits to students, but they must enroll in the program before earning their first 15 college credits. 

the Commonwealth Commitment


Please contact Shannon Gallagher, MassArt's Transfer Admissions Counselor, at

MassTransfer Program website

Please note the policies outlined here are specific to the Massachusetts state transfer programs which MassArt participates in. We encourage any student interested in transferring to MassArt to review our transfer credit guidelines and application checklist.