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BFA Program

BFA students learn to create images and distinctive stories that reflect their unique perspectives, by engaging deeply with the photographic medium.

Rooted in a spirit of experimentation, our curriculum gives students the tools to discover their own motivations as artists and to create images that communicate them meaningfully. Merging the traditions and possibilities of the medium – both analog and digital skills – students develop visual literacy and a rich appreciation for the complex language of images


Sophomore Year – In their first year as Photography majors, students learn to use large format cameras with black and white film developed and printed in our darkrooms. They achieve technical excellence in silver printing and begin to develop a personal vision.

Junior Year – Digital capture and wide-format inkjet printing are introduced as students learn to truly see and manipulate color. Bookmaking is integral to our program, and students begin to develop these skills and techniques.

Senior Year – Students’ focus shifts to extended projects, portfolio development, and artist statements; they present their thesis projects in a gallery exhibition and produce a catalog.

At the end of every semester, students present their final work to a panel of faculty and accomplished artists, curators and writers. 

Alumni Success

BFA students gain the skills and experiences needed to pursue a successful career, and are equipped with the creative agency, analytic skills, and discipline needed to pursue their vision. Our alumni exhibit and publish their work with impressive regularity and win eminent awards and grants such as the Fulbright Fellowship and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Many pursue careers as artists, editorial and commercial photographers, teachers, entrepreneurs, publishers, gallerists, and museum professionals.

BFA Learning outcomes

Students who complete the Photography BFA Program are expected to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes.

  • Develop visual, conceptual, and aesthetic expertise
  • Learn black & white analog film and paper techniques
  • Know color theory and color perception
  • Develop digital media competence
  • Gain aptitude with medium and large format and digital cameras and accessories
  • Understand photographic history
  • Become familiar with contemporary practices in photography
  • Gain an understanding of professional practices
  • Develop an ability to conduct critical analysis and articulate meaning, content, and ideas
  • Exercise the discipline of studio practice

Undergraduate students interested in teaching K-12 may also explore a five year BFA/MAT program in which they major in Photography and in the fifth year undertake an Masters in Arts in Teaching degree through our esteemed Art Education department.

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