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For Graduate Students

Registration Procedure

  1. Check your requirements by looking at your evaluation or checking your Program Requirements. Questions? Visit the Graduate Program Office in the Artist's Residence.

  2. Consult with your Program Coordinator about elective choices and any Independent or Directed Studies. See below for information on elective choices.

  3. Register for graduate-level courses only on daVinci. Graduate-only courses are 500 and higher. MFA and MDES students: First-year required courses are numbered in the 600s and second-year required courses are numbered in the 700s. Second-year MFA students (except DMI): Please note the number of credits (6 or 9) you are choosing for the major studio.

  4. Independent Studies (studio) and Directed Studies (non-studio) are an option in cases where no course meets your needs. Complete the form with all signatures, and attach your proposal and syllabus.

  5. Registration for electives numbered lower than 500 opens on or after the date specified in each registration period. These are courses that are mostly comprised of undergraduates. Ask faculty to sign your Registration or Add/Drop Form (available in the Registrar's Office), and take the signed form to the Registrar or Graduate Office. You cannot be registered without a signed form or a form with consent email attached. Note that you will be asked to do work above and beyond what the undergraduates are asked to do in order to earn graduate credit.

  6. The add/drop period is the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters when you can change your schedule. During add/drop it is important to attend the first class meeting of any course you want to enroll in. Add/drop forms will be available in the Registrar’s Office. For courses numbered lower than 500, ask faculty to sign your form.

Program Requirements

Graduate Programs

Post-Baccaluareate Programs

cross registration

Full-time MassArt graduate students may take graduate-level courses only at MIT and UMass Boston. Undergraduate level courses are not transferable. Note that registration schedules at MIT and UMass Boston may not coincide with MassArt's but you must adhere to MassArt's deadlines. Cross-Registration is available during Fall and Spring only.

To cross register at UMass Boston, submit a completed Registration Form and a non-degree registration form to the Graduate Program Director of the department your course is being offered, and have him or her sign it. Take the signed forms to UMass's Registrar's Office and register there, then bring the stamped registration form to the Registrar’s or Graduate Office before the end of add/drop. Questions at UMass Boston (such as, who and where is the Grad Program Director) may be addressed at their One Stop Center.

At MIT, courses offered for graduate credit are denoted by "G" or "H". Please check the MIT website for schedule and procedural information. Complete the MIT Cross-Registration Petition and bring it to the Graduate Program Office with a course description before the end of add/drop.

After Registration

Check your schedule to make sure you are registered for what you expect. If it is not what you expect, please contact the Registrar's Office or email Jonathan Rand.

academic progress

Check your academic progress to ensure that you are ready to graduate when you intend.

  • Log onto daVinci with your NetID and password to check your Program Evaluation
  • Review your evaluation with your Program Coordinator
  • Contact the Graduate Program to request changes to the evaluation, or stop by the Graduate Office to review your progress and options

Add/Drop Process

To begin, please check your program evaluation. If you would like to review your program and your options in person, please see your Program Coordinator or stop by the Graduate Office.

  • Classes may be added and dropped using paper forms only. Faculty signatures given via email must be attached to the add/drop form
  • Take signed forms to the Registrar's Office or the Graduate Office
  • Forms with neither signature nor attached faculty email in lieu of signature, will not be processed
  • Attach signed Independent/Directed study forms, with proposal and syllabi, to your add/drop form. The proposal and syllabus are mandatory.