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Painting BFA

Painting students are initially grounded in core techniques and fundamental visual properties. Drawing is an essential part of the discipline, and ‘Drawing for Painting Majors’ courses are required. These courses establish links between the instinct to draw and the conceptual and physical processes that form the basis of painting.

Students are introduced to advanced techniques and processes, with an emphasis on individual development and experimentation—with both form and content.

The central structure of the program is built through individual and group critique. Classes meet for ten hours each week and substantial studio work outside of class is expected.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciating the role of play, exploration, and investigation in creative practice
  • Understanding and valuing perceptual, formal, and conceptual approaches
  • Understanding and valuing the interdependence of approaches
  • Understanding and embracing materials and methods of drawing
  • Understanding and embracing materials and methods of painting
  • Developing facility in visual analysis and verbal communication about processes, approaches, and presentations
  • Understanding and appreciating historical and contemporary practice and works
  • Developing personal thematic focus
  • Developing clarity of thought and representation
  • Developing innovations in process, approach, and presentation
  • Understanding and appreciating the roles of artists in society
  • Understanding the processes and practices of an artist's professional development

Unique to MassArt

Painting cohorts gather in groups of fifteen within allotted studio areas, and each student has their own space within that area. Painting students have the benefits of traditional painting instruction and the opportunity to evolve as part of a collaborative community.

Courses  Requirements