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For Certificate Students

Certificate Programs at MassArt operate through Professional and Continuing Education (PCE). With the exception of Industrial Design, all classes for certificate students are offered during the evening or on weekends. However, certificate students are matriculated MassArt students, subject to college policies and eligible for services available to other members of the college community.

Registration Process

Certificate students register via DaVinci during specified registration periods. Deadlines for payment and adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses are college-wide, and cannot be adjusted. These dates are posted on the College's Academic Calendar.

  • Review your requirements and academic progress on DaVinci and follow the sequence of courses listed. Fashion Design Certificate students must consult Program Coordinator and Advisor Jennifer Varekamp each semester prior to registering. Industrial Design Certificate students, consult Program Coordinator Judith Anderson
  • Register via DaVinci
  • Check your registration by looking at your course schedule on DaVinci: Select "My Class Schedule".
  • Be mindful of the Payment windows noted below
  • Review Financial and Payment Information. If you have aid please make sure it is in order
  • Review Refund Policies

Registration and Payment Dates

  • Add or drop classes before the start of the semester for a full refund. Check the Academic Calendar for the first day of the semester
  • Fall bills due: first week of August
  • Spring bills due: first week of December
  • Summer bills due: at the time of registration

Dropping and Withdrawing

Fall and spring comprise the regular academic calendar. The first two weeks of the fall and spring is known as the add/drop period. During add/drop, so long as you remain registered in the semester, you can change your schedule without penalty. If you drop all of your classes after the semester begins it means you are withdrawing. Please review the Refund Policies for financial implications, and contact Academic Advising.

In the summer and winter, schedules can be changed without penalty up to 24 hours before the second class meeting of each course. After that, full charges apply.