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Fashion Design

A.A.W. Collection

A.A.W. is a collection of garments created for the crazy characters from the fairy tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The garments are meant to be use in a movie and each one represents the personalities of the characters and their part on the story. The fabrics are colorful, vibrant and full of details. Fabi used fabric manipulation and texture, such as smocking, weaving and pleading. This collection is for anyone who loves a good story made by great characters.

Photo by Kelsey Cox '19 BFA Photography


Elyria is an observation of beetles and the emotional walls people build. I am inspired by the style lines and textures of the shells of the beetles, but I am most drawn to the their 2 sets of wings: the external set which is hard and protective of the under layer, which is soft and allows the beetle to fly. In my designs, I relay this hard and soft quality through contrasting materials and textures. The hard exterior of the beetle symbolizes the emotional wall, and the softness that lies underneath is the raw unfiltered emotion of a human being.


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