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Fashion Design


Elyria is an observation of beetles and the emotional walls people build. I am inspired by the style lines and textures of the shells of the beetles, but I am most drawn to the their 2 sets of wings: the external set which is hard and protective of the under layer, which is soft and allows the beetle to fly. In my designs, I relay this hard and soft quality through contrasting materials and textures. The hard exterior of the beetle symbolizes the emotional wall, and the softness that lies underneath is the raw unfiltered emotion of a human being.


Necrosis is a Fall-Winter menswear collection inspired by the process of unprogrammed cell death. Specifically focusing on the relationship of radiation and skin cells, the collection aims to reflect the irritation created when two forces meet. These details echo the cascading effects of Necrosis through raising, peeling and segmenting fabric manipulations and strategically developed patterns. Hand dyed fabrics and quilting techniques also add to the overall effect.


Proliferate is a collection inspired by the essence and growth patterns of fungus. Aspects of the silhouettes are exaggerated, and texture is created through fabric manipulation and handwork techniques such as felting.

Cirque De La Luna

This costume couture collection is based on the idea of a circus show that revolves around the moon. With the use of line, silhouette, structure and shape, this collection expresses the relationship between the cycles of the moon and the cycles of a circus. The moon keeps humans tied to earth through the use of gravity, with one side pulling you down and the other pushing back against it, you are left with the force of nature vs. the human need to defy it.


Azaad is an avant-garde collection inspired by female empowerment in the Middle East and South Asia. In my collection, I compare these women with bright, beautiful birds who were once trapped but are now free. It is a celebration of their overcoming of sexism and inequality, as well as the abuse connected to it. Drawing from traditional handwork techniques used in Pakistan and combining this with hand painting, the imagery and meaning is brought to life. In several languages, including Urdu and Pashto, azaad means "free."


Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is a couture evening wear collection inspired by the beauty of decaying architecture. Each look aims to translate this through sculpted silhouettes, layered and peeling manipulations of silk fabrics with carefully accentuated beading to add textured detail and contrast.

Kathryn Higham is the 2016 recipient of the Fashion Show Scholarship and Primark Scholarship.

Pressure Makes Diamonds

Pressure Makes Diamonds is an evening wear collection depicting the transformation of coal to diamonds — from hardship to empowerment. Using a monochromatic color story, the 5 looks move from dark to light. A variety of textiles are used to illuminate the garment through the sheer qualities and couture embellishments. Each gown embraces the feminine form through the use of contoured shaping and style lines.


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