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Travel Courses

For over 20 years, MassArt faculty members have offered international travel courses across disciplines and to destinations all over the globe. The International Education Center supports both faculty and students in these courses, from conception to the flight home. By participating in a travel course, you'll join a group of globally inspired artists and designers led by MassArt faculty experts on a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Travel Courses

  • Travel courses are three-credit elective courses open to all majors, including first year students
  • In addition to the travel component, course meetings are held throughout the semester
  • Financial Aid awards and/or loans may be applied
  • A limited number of partial, travel course scholarships are available for international travel courses. They are need-based and awarded based on students' FAFSA scores. The scholarship application and complete eligibility requirements can be found in the Travel Course online application
  • If you are considering study abroad, it is critical to get a passport immediately. Visit the U.S. Department of State for instructions
  • Visit Studio Abroad for more information and to complete the online application

Spring Semester 2018 Travel Courses (spring break travel)*

  • A Studio in Mexico: Puebla and Cholula
    Based in Puebla and Cholula, which have inspired artists and designers since pre-Colonial days, this drawing and mixed media course is an ideal cross discipline opportunity for students across all majors. Students will experience and visit underground and towering pre-Hispanic pyramids; artisan masters; stunning architecture from Baroque to ultra Euro; indigenous markets; a world Talavera center and an active contemporary art community.

    Destination: Mexico • Faculty: Nancy Aleo and Nancy Cusack • Contact: and • Department: Studio Foundation • Course Fee: $3,700

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  • Renaissance Splendor: Art and Architecture of Venice
    This course will engage students in a comprehensive examination of the painting, sculpture and architecture produced during the Golden Age of Venice and the Veneto. Based in the historic heart of Venice, visits include the Doges’ Palace and its adjacent chapel, the Basilica of San Marco, the Accademia, and the cities of Vicenza, Verona, Maser, and Asolo, all while immersing students in the living culture of northern Italy.

    Destination: Italy • Faculty: David Nolta and Ellen Shapiro • Contact: and • Department: History of Art • Course Fee: $3,700

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  • New England to New Zealand
    How do New Zealanders bridge cultural differences, maintain sustainable practices and discover a balance between a spectacular natural environment and the man made world? How are Maori concepts discovered in the New Zealand experience? Student teams research these and other questions, while connecting with professional artists and designers, collaborating with local students, and experiencing wood carving and harakeke weaving, an ancient rain forest, glowworm caves, and dark sandy beaches.

    Destination: New Zealand • Faculty: Gunta Kaza and Anne Marie Stein • Contact: and • Department: Graphic Design • Course Fee: $4,000

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Spring Semester 2018 Travel Courses (Summer travel)*

  • A Tour of Bohemia: The Origins of Excellence - New Destination!
    This tour of five cities within Bohemia – Prague, Kamenicky Senov, Novy Bor and Zelesny Brod, and Cesky Krumlov - will be an immersive exploration of excellence in design, artistry and craftsmanship. The goal of this course is to experience the historical precedents and standards of artistic excellence that define the region, while simultaneously exploring the influence of contemporary thought that is finding fertile ground in the country’s young cultural identity.

    Destinations: Czech Republic • Faculty: Christopher Watts and James McLeod • Contact: and • Department: Fine Arts 3D - Glass • Course Fee: #3,500

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  • Ghana: Color, Pattern and Culture at the Center of the World - New Destination!
    The goal behind this course is bringing old world techniques into modern use, appreciating new environments, and broadening personal education. Students live, work and create in Nungua, a coastal town just outside of Accra, with excursions to Accra, Odumase Krobo and Cape Coast. Through workshops, lectures, studio and factory visits, students will learn and gain hands on experience in the techniques used by local artists, educators, and artisans.

    Destination: Ghana • Faculty: Renee Harding • Contact: • Department: Fashion Design • Course Fee: $4,000

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  • MassArt in Athens, Greece: History and Making Under the Light of the Acropolis - New Destination!
    This course introduces students to contemporary and historical Western and non-Western jewelry, objects, art and culture. Site visits include The Acropolis Hill, and museums such as The New Acropolis Museum, The National Archeological Museum and The Benaki Museum. A series of lectures at one of the world’s leading institutions for jewelry, the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, culminates in an invitation to work in the world renowned Ilias Lalalounis Jewelry Factory.

    Destination: Greece • Faculty: Heather White and Carolanne Patterson • Contact: and • Department: Fine Arts 3D - Jewelry and Metalsmithing • Course Fee: $4,000

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  • Traditional and Contemporary Ceramics in Japan
    The dialogue and exchanges between Japanese and American artists influenced a new generation of ceramicists from both countries. This course will establish foundations and knowledge for students to contribute this dialogue. While in Japan, they will meet working ceramic artists and learn about both traditional and contemporary Japanese ceramics. Visits include studios, art colleges, museums, pottery villages, and residency sites in Kyoto, Osaka, Shiga, and Gifu, showcasing a wide range of aesthetics and techniques.

    Destination: Japan • Faculty: Ben Ryerband and Megumi Naitoh • Contact: and • Department: Fine Arts 3D - Ceramics • Course Fee: $4,100

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*​​Travel dates and fees for spring semester courses to be announced. Applications to be opened at a later date. Check back soon!​

Fall Semester 2017 Travel Courses (enrollment now closed)

  • Desert Field BioArt and Natural History in the American Southwest
    Destination: New Mexico and Arizona, USA • Faculty: Saul Nava • Contact: • Department: Liberal Arts • Tentative Travel Dates: September 29 - October 9, 2017 • Course Fee: $2,300
  • India Now: Exploring Sustainable Handcrafts
    Destination: India • Faculty: Lois Hetland and Jennifer Varekamp • Contact: and • Department: Art Education and Fashion Design • Tentative Travel Dates: December 30, 2017 - January 16, 2018 • Course Fee: $4,000

Resources for students from underrepresented backgrounds

  • Diversity Abroad: A clearinghouse for information about underrepresented students abroad
  • Identities Abroad: A Colleges of the Fenway guide for students who are part of the LGBTQ community
  • Mobility International: A disability-led non-profit organization working to advance the rights of people with disabilities globally

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