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COVID-19 Update

As of March 23 all classes will be taught remotely through the remainder of the semester.

While faculty and staff continue to work remotely, only essential personnel may access campus facilities. Read the full update.

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Travel Courses

For over 20 years, MassArt faculty members have offered international travel courses across disciplines and to destinations all over the globe. The International Education Center supports both faculty and students in these courses, from conception to the flight home. By participating in a travel course, you'll join a group of globally inspired artists and designers led by MassArt faculty experts on a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Travel Courses

  • Travel courses are three-credit elective courses open to all majors, including first year students
  • Tuition for the 3 credits is included in full-time, undergraduate tuition
  • Graduate students, part-time students, and others will pay for the tuition by credit, and can inquire about tuition costs by emailing
  • In addition to tuition costs, each course has a program fee that covers the costs of travel, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities
  • Financial Aid awards and/or loans may be applied
  • A limited number of partial, travel course scholarships are available for international travel courses. They are need-based and awarded based on students' FAFSA scores. The scholarship application and complete eligibility requirements can be found in the Travel Course online application
  • In addition to the travel component, course meetings are held throughout the semester
  • If you are considering study abroad, it is critical to get a passport immediately. Visit the U.S. Department of State for instructions
  • Visit Studio Abroad for more information and to complete the online application



    This course provides an in-depth, site-based investigation of the living legacies of African-American resistance through cultural survival (primarily Gullah Geechee traditions), education and land sovereignty. Students will uncover artifacts and testimony both in Boston and Charleston, South Carolina, to inform their research and artwork regarding institutionalized racism and cultural resistance.

    Destination: Charleston, SC, USA
    Travel Dates: March 8-15, 2020 (Tentative)
    Faculty: Beth Balliro and Chandra Méndez Ortiz • /
    Department: Art Education, (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $1,800 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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    Led by studio foundation and Chinese history professors, this travel course helps students explore Chinese arts and culture in two unrivaled places: Beijing, the capital of China with both rich tradition and dazzling modernity; Dunhuang, the “Crown Jewel” of China with 492 cave temples, dating as far back as the 4th Century and containing ancient wall paintings and sculpture perfectly preserved by the dry climate of the desert.

    Destination: China
    Travel Dates: May 24 - June 9, 2020 (Tentative)
    Faculty: Marc Holland and Lisong Liu • /
    Department: Studio FoundationLiberal Arts (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $4,200 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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    For two weeks, MassArt students will be immersed in the history and traditions of art, architecture and especially glass making in the area of the Czech Republic known as Bohemia, an area which includes the capital city of Prague. They will witness specific studio techniques that are unique to the traditions of Bohemian glass masters, many of which haven’t found their way into western studio practices. They will return with a new understanding of how political and cultural forces shape the residents of a country, and how that appears in the work of that country’s artists.

    Destination: Czech Republic
    Travel Dates: May 26 - June 6, 2020 (Tentative)
    Faculty: Christopher Watts •
    Department: Glass (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $3,800 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities)

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    See Italy from a design perspective - footwear, automotive and fashion. Italy 2020 promises to enhance each student’s creative process using the artistic culture of Northern Italy as our “Muse”. Through lectures and coursework, insights to Italy’s cultivated design lens of footwear design foundation and historical automobile carrozzieri (coachbuilders), the semester will then culminate into a three-week travel program to Italy: Turin, Bologna, Florence, and San Miniato. Students will learn design and manufacturing processes of luxury automotive, fashion and footwear professionals to inspire, incorporate and discover methods for designing; translatable into any discipline.

    Destination: Italy
    Travel Dates: June 3 - 19, 2020 (Tentative)
    Faculty: Sondra Grace and Kathleen Grevers •
    Department: Fashion Design (open to all majors)
    Credits: 3-Credits, Studio Elective
    Course Fee: $4,700 (includes flights, lodging, and all required on-site course-related activities, and all meals for the final week of the trip)

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Resources for students from underrepresented backgrounds

  • Diversity Abroad: A clearinghouse for information about underrepresented students abroad
  • Identities Abroad: A Colleges of the Fenway guide for students who are part of the LGBTQ community
  • Mobility International: A disability-led non-profit organization working to advance the rights of people with disabilities globally

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