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Raise Your Paddle

Where do the Auction Proceeds Go?

Everyone wins when you participate in Raise Your Paddle at the beginning of the Live Auction on April 27, 2019. Raise Your Paddle is our annual appeal for outright contributions to our student scholarship fund. 

Your gift, of any amount, ensures that MassArt will remain affordable for the next generation of artists, designers, and art educators. In 2018, more than 91% of MassArt students received some type of financial aid.

Every winning bid at the MassArt Auction goes directly back to our students in the form of scholarships and academic program support. Your winning bid could help a student pay for tuition, art supplies, or something as essential as a meal plan.

Can't make it to the 30th Anniversary MassArt Auction? Change a student's life and donate today! 

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