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Studio Arts


The Studio Arts Certificate connects you to a community of artists and provides the momentum needed for artistic growth.

The Studio Arts Certificate gives you the freedom to choose art classes that appeal to you, while providing optional course guidance. Classes may be taken online in scheduled group meetings, or in person at MassArt’s world-class Boston facilities. Students may choose a multidisciplinary approach or focus on one area, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, or printmaking. Portfolios can be used for applications to degree programs, artist’s residencies, grants, and exhibitions.

To earn the certificate, complete any eight applicable studio art classes, or follow one of two suggested paths: one a Painting, Drawing, and/or Printmaking focus and the other an Interdisciplinary approach. 

  • Eight 7-week classes
  • Full semester class (3 credits) counts for two classes
  • Short workshops (under 7 weeks) are not applicable to the certificate
  • Classes, if taken multiple times, may only be applied to the certificate once

  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental techniques with a range of media
  • Demonstrate awareness of the expressive, formal, and conceptual aspects of art practice 
  • Develop knowledge of historical and contemporary models of art making
  • Develop the skill to discuss and assess your own work and the work of others
  • Cultivate an awareness of the social and global issues woven into the field of art and design
  • Complete a portfolio of creative work

We recommend that those new to artmaking begin with foundational classes in drawing and sculpture. These classes introduce formal principles and techniques. Students who already have some experience in the studio can choose to explore a varied range of classes, or focus on a particular discipline or concept. Focusing the certificate on one media or concept allows the development of a more in-depth and cohesive portfolio of work.

A wide variety of Studio Arts classes are offered in Continuing Education. Though some classes are offered regularly, each semester has a unique roster of classes. Check the catalog for current offerings. 

Examples of Paths

Two-Dimensional Path

Drawing 1–7 weeks

Introduction to Oil Painting – 7 weeks

Expressive Drawing – 7 weeks

Drawing Wet and Dry – 7 weeks

Saturday Painting Group – 7 weeks

Silkscreen Printing (3 credits) – 14 weeks

Drawing the Figure from Life – 7 weeks

Interdisciplinary Path

Drawing 1–7 weeks

Clay Studio (3 credits) – 14 weeks

Sculptural Basketry – 7 weeks

Exploring the Stitched Mark – 7 weeks

Animation Fundamentals Crash Course – 7 weeks

Experimental Monoprint – 7 weeks

The Personal Landscape (Photography) – 7 weeks

Do I need to send in an application and images of my work to get accepted to the program?
An application is not required. Choose to enroll in the program by clicking the “Workshop and Enroll in Certificate” button at checkout.

Do I have to pay for the program all at once?
No, you pay “as you go.” When you register for a class, you’ll pay for that class. 

Can I use financial aid for this program?
Unfortunately, this program is not eligible for financial aid. 

How much time is required outside of class for the program?
In general, to make consistent progress you should spend as much time on your work outside of class as you do in class. 

What classes count toward the certificate?

Take any eight 7-week classes from the Continuing Education offerings to earn the certificate. Full semester 3-credit classes count for two classes, so you could take four full semester classes. Short workshops (under 7 weeks duration) are not applicable to the certificate. Classes, if taken multiple times, may only be applied to the certificate once.

Will I get a studio space on campus?

Studio space on MassArt’s campus is not available for this program. Students work in their home studios, or at MassArt during a class they are enrolled in.

There are so many options! What should I take?

If you aren’t sure what you could take for your skill level or purpose, please email us at

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