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Imagine Spider-Woman With a Crochet Hook

Sheila Pepe '83 BFA Ceramics was recently profiled by the New York Times in celebration of her newest installation at Madison Square Park. For more than two decades, Pepe has used the craft of crochet as a way to “draw” in three dimensions and infiltrate architecture. At the northern end of Madison Square Park, Pepe has suspended strips of crocheted material, measuring as long as 95 feet, from the tops of eight existing lampposts and eight 20-foot-tall telephone poles newly planted around the lawn and walkways.

Artisans on Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail fired up for the weekend

On a recent weekday morning, James Guggina was feeding wood into his backyard kiln and watching the pyrometer climb toward 2,500 degrees.

“This is my job. It’s also my absolute passion,” he said, pausing with an armful of scrap wood salvaged from a local casket company. “People complain about sitting in a cubicle all day. I feel so fortunate that I get to make things.”

Wickford Art Association artists show appreciation for the natural world in ‘Earthly Elements’

“Deep Dive” was created over a weeklong firing process in Westport, Massachusetts, where Binder said she and fellow artists “fed the kiln every five to seven minutes.” The piece itself, which was wheel-thrown and then intricately molded and carved, presented many textures found in the sea, like tentacles, fish scales, leathery skins, shells, and more, and highlighted tones ranging from cream to nearly black.

“I welcome people to touch the work, to run their hands over it because it really beckons,” she said.

Meet Reboli Center’s March Artisan of the Month

"For the month of March, the Reboli Center for Art & History in Stony Brook’s featured artisan is potter Hannah Niswonger.

“Hannah Niswonger’s whimsical work is so striking, colorful, cheerful and unique, we’re thrilled to welcome her as the Reboli Center’s March Artisan. We’re sure everyone will be delighted by her creative mix of vibrant designs and realistic animal portraits in her pottery. They are so adorable and colorful that they make you feel so happy,” said Lois Reboli, president and a founder of The Reboli Center.

8 fluid ounces could be a cup of coffee, subtle subversion or just a fun show at Glassell Gallery

"The biennial national invitational ceramic cup exhibit celebrates its 10th showing this year, featuring work by 13 artists, including LSU alumni Adam Meistrell, of Naples, Florida; and Joe Nivens and Melodie Reay, both of Baton Rouge; along with Peter Smith, who teaches art at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.

Each artist was asked to create 10 cups and one pouring vessel, which were installed in Glassell with the help of students in LSU's Ceramic Art Students Association.

Lucy Lacoste Gallery Opens a Solo Exhibition of New works by Paul S. Briggs

Lucy Lacoste Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of new works by alumnus and faculty Paul S. Briggs, Intuitive Responses: Poetic Justice in Clay, February 13- March 13, 2021. The center piece of this exhibition will be six sculptures, each inspired by a specific poem written by a noted Black poet. 


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