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Sculpture student

Sculpture students have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials, including wood, different types of metals, clay, plaster, mixed media, glass, fiber, stone, and video.

Academic Programs

Sculpture BFA

Students work with a variety of media in sculpture, and courses such as anatomy, figure modeling, foundry, mold making, carving, woodworking, welding, kinetic art, digital 2D to 3D processes, and installation provide introductions to technique as well as conceptual concerns.

MFA: 3D Fine Arts

The two-year (60 credit) MFA: 3D Fine Arts program offers students the opportunity to do a medium-specific sculptural deep-dive, using our exceptional facilities in glass, clay, wood, metal and more. At the same time, the program is committed to a broad understanding of 3D, and students with an expanded sense of practice are encouraged to explore technology, performance, and the moving image as possible vehicles for their ideas.

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