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On-Campus Housing for your Second Year

Current first time college students who spend their entire first year in campus housing will be guaranteed a second consecutive year in housing. All published deadlines must be met in order to be guaranteed housing.

How To Participate

Housing lottery applications will be available in January.. If you wish to participate in the housing lottery for the 2024-2025 academic year, you must do the following:

  • Complete the THD housing lottery application by the deadline.
  • Housing Lottery Information for Guaranteed Students: housing availability and a roommate request process will be open to students between the end of January and March 1st.  More detailed information about this will be sent out at the end of January..
  • Housing Lottery Information for Non-Guaranteed Students:: On March 1st, a limited number of non-guaranteed applicants will be randomly selected to participate in room selection. Those who are not selected to participate due to limited space will be notified and given information on how to sign up for the waiting list. Off-campus housing resources and information will also be included in this email.
  • Eligible students will find their Room Selection start time available in the THD housing portal as of the second Monday in March.. An email with more information will be sent out once students’ start times have been posted.
  • Login to THD at your assigned time mid-March to select your space for next year and sign your license agreement.
  • Pay the $240 housing deposit through Student Self Service. The deposit will be added to the student accounts for all students who select a space in housing for next year. Deposit payments will be due in early April and are required to finalize a student’s assignment.

Room Selection

On room selection day students will be able to log into THD at their assigned start time and select their space for next year. These start times will be posted in THD on the second Monday in March and an email will be sent out notifying students that they are available.

License Agreement

All license agreements are for the full academic year (September through May). Unfortunately, the Office is not able to offer housing for just one semester. Students who are not intending to be at MassArt for the full academic year should pursue off-campus housing options.

Paying The Required Deposit

Within a few days after the room selection, a $240 non-refundable housing deposit will be added to the student accounts of those who selected a space during room selection and made available for payment in Student Self Service. Any student who does not pay their deposit by the  deadline will be removed from their selected space.

Housing Lottery FAQ

It’s the process through which MassArt helps students select their room for their second (or possibly third/fourth) year in on-campus housing.

MassArt utilizes a housing management software called THD (The Housing Director) for our processes and assignment information, including the housing lottery process for current students to select housing for next year. Students can access THD through their MassArt email account

All first-time college students who are housed on campus for their entire first year are guaranteed housing for their second year, provided they meet published deadlines

Non-guaranteed students are those who:

  • are first-time college students but did not live on campus for their entire first year 
  • transferred into MassArt after taking classes at another institution
  • will be in their 3rd or 4th year at MassArt
  • did not complete the application process within the established deadlines


Students may still participate in the lottery even if they’re not guaranteed housing. However, space in campus housing for non-guaranteed students will be very limited. For this reason, we are encouraging non-guaranteed students to begin exploring off-campus housing options in addition to participating in the lottery.

Guaranteed students who submit their lottery application by the February 27 deadline will be able to login to THD and select a space during room selection on Sunday, March 17. A $240 housing deposit will then be assigned to those who select a space and will be due by April 2. A student’s selected space will only be confirmed upon receipt of the housing deposit.

Please see the Housing and Meal Plan Costs page to find the housing and meal plan charges.

The housing deposit is required in order for a student to finalize their on-campus housing for next year. Students will be billed for the $240 housing deposit within a few days after selecting their room and payment will be due by April 2. Unless a student cancels their housing, the deposit will be applied to their fall semester MassArt tuition and housing bill.

Yes, both in person and online. In person opportunities have been scheduled and are listed here on the Housing Lottery Calendar webpage. For more information about upcoming virtual sessions, please reach out to us at

If a student has a disability or condition that requires special living arrangements or that requires a meal plan accommodation, they must submit a completed Accommodation Request to Student Accessibility Services.

For further information about this documentation, please visit the Student Accessibility Services webpage. Requests received after the deadline may not be eligible for consideration.

Students with approved housing accommodations for the current academic year should reach out to Student Accessibility Services at for information about requesting to renew for next year.

Both the lottery application and room selection process will happen online in the THD housing portal. Tutorials will be available the week before room selection to help students navigate the process of selecting a space. Recordings of these sessions will also be made available to students.

Room selection will be happening on Sunday, March 17 between Noon and 7:00 p.m. Specific room selection start times will be assigned to eligible students and posted in THD at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, March 11.

No, the lottery will be done entirely online through THD. Students will be assigned a specific start time to select their space for next year. They can log in anytime at or after their start time, but it’s encouraged that they log in as close to this time as possible. For students who are on campus during room selection, the Housing Office will be available to assist them with their selection if needed.

The housing lottery application will become available in THD on January 18, 2024.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life maintains an off-campus website that provides information for residents seeking off-campus housing. There are listings for apartments/roommates and educational information on the site,


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