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Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Massachusetts College of Art and Design requires students to have 120 credits in order to receive the BFA degree. Students are allowed up to six years of full-time financial aid eligibility in order to complete this requirement.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance is required to review a student's academic record annually. To continue receiving financial aid, an undergraduate student, enrolled full-time each term, would need to comply with the following:

  • After one year, have completed 21 credits at MassArt
  • After two years, have completed 42 credits at MassArt
  • After three years, have completed 63 credits at MassArt
  • After four years, have completed 84 credits at MassArt
  • After five years, have completed 105 credits at MassArt
  • After six years, have completed 120 credits at MassArt

The credit figure is based only on credits earned at MassArt, and is pro-rated for less than full-time enrollment.

Students who fail to comply with the above will lose their financial aid eligibility.