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Spring 2021

Read MassArt's plan: Return to Learning & Making

Return to Learning & Making

Spring 2021 - Update to the Community

The term to describe our experience since March has been "unprecedented." Unforeseen circumstances have required that our community adapt, innovate, and change in the most difficult of circumstances, and together we did it!

This fall, MassArt faculty and students continued teaching, learning, and making in innovative ways. Our faculty has evolved their instruction to offer 76% of courses remotely, and we have de-densified our residence halls to 51% of capacity.

To manage the COVID pandemic challenge, we hired Madison Rivard as Director of COVID-19 Operations, established a dedicated testing facility on campus, and our Facilities Team implemented the latest cleaning and sanitization protocols to ensure access to campus. As of mid-December, we have administered nearly 11,000 COVID-19 tests to ensure that our community remains as safe and healthy as possible. Our Public Safety Team has ensured the security of our community and our campus, day and night.

We thank every member of our community for enduring and persisting through this climate. We have come together to create, design, and educate, and most of all, to inspire hope.

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday break, and we look forward to reconvening in January, virtually and otherwise, for the new semester.

Read the Plan

Fall2020_Page_01.jpg?itok=zKB_JVOyThe Return to Learning & Making: 2020-2021 Plan consolidates information about health and safety protocols, housing information, remote and hybrid learning, and resources for students, faculty, and staff provided in the above sections of the website. 

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