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Thank you all for the vigilance you have shown in monitoring your personal health and for recognizing the ongoing impact of communicable viruses on our community. We are pleased that the transition to our new testing system with the Color platform has been going well. In addition to the latest CDC recommendations and the fact that over 81% of Massachusetts residents are now fully vaccinated, public health experts recommend within these conditions and with adherence to proper hygiene strategies, infectious transmissions can be well controlled. 

Based on this guidance, as well as the general sense of responsibility our community has been exhibiting and the general practice in public places, colleges and universities, we will be modifying our current mask policy.

  • Masks will remain a requirement in all classrooms and studios

  • Masks will also be required in office spaces where signage indicates this requirement

  • Masks will no longer be required — but will be strongly encouraged – in common areas, including the Kennedy cafeteria, Library, and hallways and elevators

  • All community members should carry a mask with them at all times

  • As a reminder, if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are leaving isolation, it is expected that you wear a tight-fitted mask at all times for at least 10 days from positive result or exposure

  • Additionally, if you have an approved exemption, per CDC guidelines you must still wear a tight-fitted mask indoors at all times. 

This policy change will take effect starting on Monday, November 14th.

Read more about Updated Mask Policy

  • If you have not yet done so, it is also strongly encouraged that you receive the new, updated COVID bivalent booster. Vaccine locations throughout Massachusetts can be found using the MassVaxFinder website. View upcoming vaccination clinics for MassArt community members.

  • All Students, Faculty, and Staff are expected to keep their vaccination status up to date and in line with the latest CDC recommendations.

  • All Students residing on campus must be vaccinated and boosted; there are no exceptions.

Vaccination & Booster Requirements

  • MassArt is using the Color Platform for COVID-19 testing.

  • If you are feeling sick, please pickup a test kit in the DMC, Kennedy, Tower UL, or Residence Halls.

View ongoing testing schedule and self-testing information

  • All Visitors are required to sign in and sign out at the security desks at either Kennedy or the Design and Media Center (DMC)
  • External guests are permitted in the residence halls
  • The dining commons are open to the general public; masks are required for entry, and mask-wearing is required when not actively eating or drinking.

  • All MassArt community members will be required to swipe their IDs at both entry locations – Kennedy and Design and Media Center (DMC).
  • Colleges of the Fenway and ProArts Consortium members will be required to show security guards their IDs from their respective campuses.
  • All other Visitors will be required to sign in and sign out.

Isolation And Exposure Guidance for Students, Faculty, and Staff


Please direct any questions you may have about these plans to one of the offices below, where colleagues are happy to help:

Academic Affairs
Student Life
Human Resources
Updated 11/10/22