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Enrollment Verification/Request a Transcript

Please contact the Registrar's Office directly to request an Enrollment Verification. The Registrar's office can verify enrollment for any student enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the college.

All enrollment verification requests should include the student's name, former name if any, dates to be verified, and the student's signature.

Enrollment can not be verified prior to the first day of classes for the semester to be verified. Registration for a semester can be verified immediately following registration.

All enrollment verification requests are processed within three to five working days of the date of request. Every effort is made to process requests more quickly when needed; however, requests should be made well in advance to provide sufficient time for processing.

request a transcript

Any current or former student who requires a copy of their transcript may forward a request.

There is a $10 charge for each official transcript and $5 for a student copy. Students with financial or procedural obligations to the college are not issued transcripts until all obligations are cleared. All outstanding balances may be paid with the Business Office.

Transcripts should be requested well in advance of the date needed. It can take up to 3-5 business days to process transcripts (not including holidays or vacation periods when the college is closed). Transcripts are not generally available on the day of the request.

Questions about this process can be addressed to the Registrar's Office at 617.879.7272.

Important: There is no transcript fee if you are a MassArt Alum who is applying to a MassArt grad program or  if you are applying for readmission to MassArt's undergraduate program. If you are a MassArt alum or reapplying, please email

In the email, please let us know when you attended and completed a MassArt degree (if applicable) and what program you are applying for. Once this info is confirmed, we will send your transcript to Admissions.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: There are no refunds available for any transcripts that have already been ordered.

Request a Transcript