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As a first-year student at MassArt, you’ll immerse yourself in the foundational skills and ideas that will define your practice.

The Studio Foundation program is dedicated to exploration, idea generation, critical thinking, and craftsmanship. As a student, you will be introduced to studio techniques and media that will prepare you for advanced study in any medium. Students focus on observational drawing, visual language, 3-dimensional design, and time-based work.

This required curriculum enables all MassArt students to arrive at their chosen major fully prepared.

Your first year at MassArt will help you realize the important connection between your hands, your head, and your heart. Marc Holland ’99 BFA Sculpture & Department Chair, Studio Foundation

Jonathan Santos

Program Area Chair, Visual Language I, Studio Foundation
  • Faculty

Evelyn Rydz

Program Area Chair, Drawing I, Studio Foundation
  • Faculty
Two students in front of a charcoal painting
First-Year Thinking Making Writing

First-year students in theThinking Making Writing program focus on writing both personal narratives and about the larger world of art.

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