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Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)


Explore SIM events, exhibitions, performances, and other happenings on campus and in the community.

SIM cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset by engaging students in several student-run department town hall meetings throughout the year. They make decisions about our department shows, schedules, guests, budgets and a myriad of other issues that come up throughout the year. 

Each Fall, SIM produces a department show that includes exhibits, live performances, and installations. In the Spring, we participate in the college-wide All School Show with live performance and exhibits of multimedia work in several locations. 


EventWorks is a production team of students from MassArt’s Studio for Interrelated Media. The students in the SIM department are given the freedom to create, produce, and collaborate through a transformative and interdisciplinary lens. 

As a student-run collective at the only public arts college in the country, EventWorks strives to be the flame of resilience in a world that lacks connection, rebuilding our community one event at a time.

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621 Huntington Ave,
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