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Furniture Design


Students in MassArt’s Furniture Design program can expand their professional network and gain a deep understanding of technique, tools, and history.

The Furniture Design Certificate program at MassArt is a comprehensive five semester program that provides an education in fine furniture craft and design. The program develops students’ skills in both handcraft woodworking and machine techniques, and provides opportunities to explore alternative materials and processes such as metal fabrication and glass in our state-of-the-art facilities. Students work alongside experienced faculty and successful designers to create innovative and functional pieces of furniture.


MassArt’s Woodshop offers Furniture Design students access to expansive maker space and professional tools and equipment.

Studios & Resources

The program begins with a series of required studio courses that provide a foundation of essential skills. As students progress, they tailor their course of study to their interests and goals through electives and mentorship opportunities. At the end of the program, students collaborate to develop and coordinate a gallery exhibition in which they each present their final work. 

MassArt’s program draws on the rich history of furniture design, while also emphasizing contemporary design practices. Graduates of the program are well-prepared for careers in the furniture design industry, and have the skills and knowledge to pursue their own unique design practices.

Furniture Design Certificate

Students who complete the Furniture Design Certificate are able to demonstrate the learning outcomes necessary for successful entry into professional design practice.

  • Skills to support the furniture design process, including researching different styles and artists’ work, sketching, sourcing material and building models.
  • Fluency in different methodologies of visualizing and communicating furniture designs.
  • Good working habits that support experimentation, design, and production.
  • Knowledge of the historical development and social history of furniture in America, as well as an understanding of contemporary furniture design, as a context for creative work.
  • Competencies in the fine craft of woodworking and/or other materials and techniques for the creation of studio furniture, sculptural furniture, and fine furniture. 
  • A personal aesthetic and conceptual framework for furniture design.
  • The ability to articulate one’s work and vision in relation to historical and contemporary practice.
  • Safety practices relating to tools, machinery, and health in the production of studio furniture.
  • A basic understanding of environmental and sustainability issues related to the production of furniture.
  • Pathways for creating an individualized professional practice in studio furniture making and/or alternative methods.
  • Skill in presenting one’s work in a professional setting.

The program is made up of nine courses (27 credits) to be taken over five semesters, with the option to take up to 6 credits of classes at North Bennet Street School and apply them to the certificate.

Required Courses/Sequence Semester Offered
Woodworking Fundamentals Fall
Elective 1 Fall
Concept to Object Spring
Furniture I Spring
Furniture II Fall
Applied Techniques  Fall
Project Development Spring
Elective 2 Spring
Furniture Final Project Fall

Furniture Design Certificate Tuition and Fees
Average Class Cost (3 credits plus $350 fee)$1,784
Total Approximate Cost for Program (not including materials)$16,056

Furniture Design Certificate tuition including course, credit and fees:

  • The Furniture Design Certificate consists of 9 courses, totaling 27 credits
  • The credit cost for fiscal year 2025 (starting Summer 2024) is estimated at $478 per credit
  • The fee per class is $350
  • The total cost for the program including fees, but not including materials, is approximately $16,056 as of Summer 2024*
  • Students typically take 6 credits per semester

*Tuition cost is subject to increase based on yearly credit and fee rates

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