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Design Innovation


Explore Design Innovation events, exhibitions, and other happenings on campus and in the community.

As a Design Innovation student, you’re invited to participate in a range of events, both here on the MassArt campus and throughout Greater Boston. Grow your design knowledge and expand your network by attending talks, exhibitions, and career development opportunities alongside peers, faculty, and MassArt alumni.

Mdes Bootcamp & Activities

Every fall, MDES Bootcamp convenes students and faculty for intensive training and team-building exercises, solving design challenges together. During the retreat, students work in leadership and supporting roles on developing and proposing solutions to a variety of challenges. Faculty introduce a set of specific problems for the group to address during bootcamp, and the community engages with the issues from the perspective of potential clients, while also considering more global and theoretical lenses. The themes explored at Bootcamp are then carried throughout the year, as students continue to collaborate and strategize together during a range of group projects.

Sharp Edges Design Speaker Series

Sharp Edges brings together leading voices in the design world to explore topics at the forefront of the field. The Sharp Edges Design Speaker Series is a collaboration between MassArt’s Design Innovation graduate program and the department of Industrial Design.

Design Innovation Summit

Whether you’re a designer, student, executive, or simply curious about the endless possibilities when design meets nature, this event is for you. MassArt hosts a Design Innovation Summit, where we explore the role of design and creativity to preserve and protect the natural world. The Design Innovation Summit is a day filled with inspiring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities that bring together communities from industry, non-profit, academy, and policy.

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