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For New Students

MassArt houses students in three residence halls: Smith Hall (freshmen only), Treehouse (primarily freshmen and sophomores), and the Artists’ Residence is apartment-style.

All of our residence halls have unique facilities designed to address the needs of student artists.

Applying for Housing

  • Please read all the information included in your acceptance packet
  • Complete and sign the enclosed Housing Application
  • Submit your completed application, a $240 non-refundable semester residence hall bill deposit, and $200 non-refundable tuition deposit to the Admissions Office on or before May 1st (Deposits can be made in the form of a check or money order made out to Massachusetts College of Art and Design. You may also pay the deposit with a credit card online as a single $440 transaction at

The application is considered incomplete if any of these are missing. Please be advised that only full-time MassArt students are eligible for on-campus housing. For any residence hall related questions, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life via email at

First-time College Students

MassArt guarantees space in on-campus housing to all first time college students, with the exception of international and mobility students. Please contact the Office of Admissions at if you are uncertain of your status.


  • In late-April students are notified that have a space reserved in on-campus housing
  • In mid-June notifications are sent out regarding room assignment information and a License Agreement Form for students accepted for college housing

Housing for the Second Year

All first-time college students who are housed on campus for their entire first year are guaranteed housing for their second year. Please see Housing for Current Students for more information regarding this process.

International and Mobility Students

All international and mobility students should fax their Housing Applications to the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 617.879.7708 or scan the completed application and email it to as a PDF or image file attachment. Students can also pay their housing deposits online at Please fax a copy of the email confirmation verifying that the housing deposit was paid online.

Transfer Students

Unfortunately, transfer students are not guaranteed housing. After college housing is filled, students are placed on a waiting list and notified by email if a space becomes available. Please see the Students on Waitlist section below for more information.


  • In mid-June, notifications are sent with room assignment information and a License Agreement fFrm to all transfer students accepted for college housing.

Roommate Requests

Students may request to be matched with a specific roommate. In order to do this, both students should:

  • Follow the steps addressed above in "Applying for Housing"
  • Send an email to requesting to room with the other student. These emails should be sent from whichever email address you put on your Housing Application and should contain both your full name and the full name of the student you wish to room with
  • Roommate requests must be received via email by May 15th

Housing Cancellation Policy 

If accepted for housing, you will be responsible for the following deadlines and conditions.

All cancellations must be submitted by email or fax to and must be received by the Office of Housing and Residence Life before the deadline or they will be placed in the next cancellation period. The Office of Housing and Residence Life is open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm Cancellation emails must be sent from the student's MassArt email address, or the email address listed on the student's Housing Application, and should include the student's full name and MassArt ID number.

  • Cancellation received prior to August 1 for academic year assignments and January 2 for spring assignments: The $240 non-refundable deposit will be credited to the student’s account
  • Cancellation received on/after August 1 / January 2 and before day of occupancy (occupancy is considered the day of Fall check-in or Spring check-in. Date is established by Housing): Student will be billed $1,400 if the vacancy cannot be rented
  • Termination of Contract (cancellation) received on/after day of occupancy and by the end of add/drop: Student will be billed $1,400
  • Termination of Contract received after add/drop and before October 31 / March 16: Student will be billed $2,700
  • Termination of Contract received after the October 31 / March 16 and prior to the end of the current semester enrolled: Student will be billed for 100% of the rent for that semester
  • Mid-year Cancellation: Termination of Contract received for the subsequent semester - If student cancels appropriately with the Office of Housing and Residence Life, and vacates room by the last day of the preceding semester, student will be billed $1,400 of the subsequent semesters rent

Students on Waitlist

First time college applicants applying after May 1st are placed on a waiting list if space is unavailable. All waitlisted students will be notified via email during the first week of May informing them that they have been added to the waitlist. Starting in June, if residence space becomes available, the Office of Housing and Residence Life will notify a compatible waitlisted student. When matching waitlisted students to their space, age, gender, year, commuting proximity to MassArt, and the application received date are considered. Over the summer students on the waitlist will have the opportunity to participate in an email listing to find potential roommates and share off campus housing information. Please be aware that off-campus housing opportunities are not affiliated with MassArt.