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Spring 2021

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Meet the Staff

The ARC staff are trained to help students meet their educational goals.


Elizabeth Smith-Freedman, Associate Dean

Eric Dusseault, Assistant Director, Academic Success Programs

Marie-Claire Dumornay, Operations Coordinator

Academic Advising

Daniel Szabo, Director of Advising Services

Jessica Petriello, Academic Advisor

Courtney Stock, Academic Advisor

Success Coaching

Gretchen Ayoub, Success Coach

Lucinda Smith, Success Coach

Writing Center

Paul Fitzgerald

Student Accessibility Services

M. Jesse Neikrie

ARC Success Squad - Peer Advisors and Tutors 
  • Runming Dai
  • Hannah Briggs
  • Gilford Murphy
  • Max Ryan
  • Jonah Dillon
  • Abraham Anavisca
  • Inde Francis


B. Dickens, Coordinator