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Incoming Students

Congratulations on being accepted to an undergraduate program at MassArt! Please take a moment to note important information below.

A: The Registrar's Office creates the schedule for and registers all of the incoming students for their first semester classes. During this process, we factor in each student's degree requirements that they need to complete, the order in which degree requirements need to be taken, which courses are offered each semester and finally what days/times of each course have seats available. There are alot of moving pieces to creating a student schedule!

A: Schedules are usually completed by the beginning of July if your first semester is in Fall, and mid-December if your first semester is in Spring. Once a new schedule has been built by the Registrar’s Office and is viewable, the student will receive a notification email at their MassArt email address.

A: During schedule creation, students may be registered for a course that completes a degree requirement and fits into the given schedule, but seems like it wouldn't be of interest to you. Students do have the ability to adjust their schedules during Add/Drop (this takes place the first two weeks of the semester) but if a schedule adjustment isn't possible, it could be a gift in disguise. Alumnus and Department Chair of Studio Foundation, Marc Holland, experienced this exact scenario while a MassArt student. During his first year at MassArt he had to take a wood-working studio elective that he wasn’t excited about, but it ended up being his passion and eventual major. We encourage you to keep an open mind in instances like this!

A: We are unable to tailor schedules to individual requests. If a student has extenuating circumstances like a long commute (over 1 hour), a permanent work schedule, fixed medical appointments, etc. that should be considered when building the schedule, please email us directly at The Registrar's Office will attempt to accommodate the schedule request. Students who have documented accommodations should first reach out to the Academic Resource Center (ARC) The ARC will relay any specific scheduling required by the student.

A: The Registrar's Office creates schedules for all incoming students. Moving forward, students are able to register themselves after meeting with an advisor in their major.

A: Please reach out to with any questions about college level credits earned in high school. Once the official transcripts for potential transfer credits are reviewed, you will be notified as to whether any of these credits will be awarded towards your MassArt degree requirements.

Other helpful information:

  1. You will be required to use your MassArt email for all college business.
  2. Tuition will be due before classes begin. View and pay your bill via Student Planning.
  3. You will receive a Student ID Card when you arrive on campus. More information will be shared with you about this during Orientation.