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How to Report a Crime

While it is true that MassArt has a relatively low crime rate, it is an undeniable fact that crime is prevalent in all urban areas. For this reason, the Office of Public Safety takes its work seriously and adopts a proactive role to deter crime and apprehend criminals. But the reality is that Public Safety Officers cannot be everywhere at once. We depend on the students to be our eyes and ears.

If a student witnesses a crime, it should be reported at once either to a security officer posted in a building or via one of the emergency phones throughout the campus.

We are a community and, as such, we are responsible not only for our own but each other's safety as well. If you observe a situation that is likely to result in an injury to a fellow student or a crime being committed, do not hesitate to report it to Public Safety.

The Office of Public Safety recognizes that it has an affirmative obligation to provide students and employees with accurate and timely information concerning incidents or conditions that may pose a threat. Our ultimate goal is to prevent an unfortunate incident from happening in the first place.