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Godine Family Gallery

Godine Gallery


The Godine Family Gallery is a student-run exhibition space designed to accompany the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The SIM department, founded in 1969, is the first undergraduate major of its kind. Since its founding, the Godine Family Gallery has been an essential part of the Studio for Interrelated Media department at MassArt, allowing a group of students each year to have the valuable and unique experience of managing and curating a gallery space.


Our goal is to turn Godine Family Gallery into a place of transformation. Gallery spaces act primarily as a vehicle for the interaction between art and viewer; we hope to further the relationships that viewers have with artworks by activating the spaces where these two parties coexist. Our intention for Godine Gallery is to maintain its current function as a place to show art while also working to make it a tool for SIM and MassArt students to transform the spaces we interact with into art pieces themselves.


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