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Godine Family Gallery

Godine Gallery

The Godine Family Gallery is a student run exhibition and project space in the Studio for Interrelated Media Department at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM), founded in 1969, was the first interdisciplinary program of its kind. As an undergraduate major, SIM is intended for student artists interested in a curriculum that supports idea-centered, interdisciplinary, and non-media specific artistic practice, alongside collaboration and self-governance.Situated within SIM and MassArt, the Godine Family Gallery sits within the histories of public art education and artistic and pedagogical trailblazing. Within this context, the Godine Family Gallery and the role of student directors/curators exists as an opportunity to experiment with what it means to run a gallery, what a gallery can hold, and how information and ideas can be disseminated from the gallery to wider audiences throughoutMassArt, Boston, and beyond.

The current curators, Felix Kauffman, Andrew Grimanis, and Marissa Cote are focused in investigating the container of the gallery. Some of the questions we are investigating are: What role does the gallery play in our current socio-political climate? How does the gallery function within communities, both artistic and at large? What types of projects, works, and exhibitions can the gallery hold? How do we move forward within and beyond the context of SIM and MassArt to explore the historical and contemporary uses of galleries and art markets? Can we invent new and better ways to experience art? Is our current understanding and use of the gallery obsolete?