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Eventworks is a group of students who produce cutting edge events throughout the year that excite the senses, inspire change, and simultaneously entertain and educate. Culminating in an annual month-long festival of multimedia and performing arts, Eventworks is completely run by students of the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) at MassArt.

We strive to create visibility of the excellent artistic community that weaves throughout all majors at Massart. Our events are created to unite all majors in inclusive events such student screenings, local artist screenings, and artist fairs and concerts. We plan to utilize all the amazing tech and resources that Studio for Interrelated Media program has to offer and extend it to the rest of MassArt.

This year, our goal is to create a dialogue between all majors and the artistic community outside Massart in order to create an emotional and creative solidarity in our hospitable environment. Our festivals, screenings, and showcases are all in the interests of the students that help to curate it. We want to create something beautiful and special.

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