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Federal Work-Study

All students are encouraged to work to help with educational costs. Federal Work-Study is a need-based work program that enables students to earn wages at MassArt through a variety of job opportunities. Work-Study students are paid $15 per hour and receive biweekly paychecks.

Money earned in the work-study program can be used for any educational and/or personal expenses; however, it is not credited to the student's billed expenses at MassArt. On average, work-study students work approximately eight to ten hours per week and may be responsible for helping various administrative offices, bringing prospective students on tours, helping out in one of the studios, and gallery sitting, among other tasks.

Work-study positions may be found in several different ways. Some work-study supervisors prefer to hire through word-of-mouth, or will post flyers around campus; others may post their open work-study positions on Interview Exchange, the Career Development portal.

Once students have found a work-study position, they must complete a work-study contract, tax forms, and provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. (the student must submit original documents, such as a passport, birth certificate, or social security card) before they can begin their job.

Work-study students interested in working off-campus may apply for community service work-study jobs through the Center for Art and Community Partnerships. Students that are not able to find a work-study job will NOT receive additional funding to replace the work-study earnings expectation.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee on-campus jobs since there are not enough work-study positions for every student. For those who cannot find a work-study position or who are ineligible to earn federal work-study funds, Career Development provides a great resource for students to help them search for jobs in the Boston area.

View our FAQ on Federal Work-Study