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Ensuring a Safe Campus

Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

MassArt is dedicated to providing learning, working, and living environments that value the diverse backgrounds of all people and affirm the rights of all members of the community to be treated with respect and dignity.

As such, the College has put into place the following policies and plans: 

What to do if you Experience Harassment, Violence, Stalking or Retaliation

MassArt strongly encourages all who have experienced sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or retaliation to report the incident so that the University can provide support and pursue an appropriate resolution. 

MassArt prohibits and will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a report. Victims have several options for reporting Confidential Reports, Non-Confidential Reports and Making No Report. As a general rule, if MassArt receives an incident report, it must investigate the report. If one is unsure of someone's duty to report or ability to maintain one's privacy, one should ask them before one talks to them about an incident. They will be able to explain if they are required to make a report, and they can identify others who can help. 

Filing a Complaint

The following complaint form is used to report information necessary to initiate an investigation of alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender-harassment, domestic or dating violence, stalking or retaliation pursuant to the EO Plan. All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain the involved parties' confidentiality during the investigation and resolution procedure. 

File a Complaint