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Universal Tools at MassArt include the Digital Fabrication Labs, Documentation Room, Installation Room, Lighting Installation Room, Public Spaces, Sound Studio and Woodshop

Universal Tools

MassArt has universal tools and resources that are open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the College, regardless of major. These facilities include the Digital Fabrication Labs (Fablabs) - which include tools for 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser cutting, and a PCLab for 3D modeling; a Documentation Room; an Installation Room; a Lighting Installation Room; Public Spaces

Zainab Sumu’s Fibers of Being

"Zainab Sumu’s woven fiber sculptures at Gurari Collections look chaotic — worlds barely held together as their components loop and veer.

"The Cambridge artist, born in Sierra Leone and educated at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is also creative director and founder of a couture design company, Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern. A handful of garments, at once elegant and cozy, are on view.

Make & Mend, the 'Art Supply Thrift Store of Your Dreams'

"At Make & Mend, a retail storefront located in Somerville, heaps and heaps of gently used craft supplies — from vintage fabrics to colored pencils to embroidery floss — are primed for a second life.

"Local artist Emily S. Tirella founded Make & Mend in 2017, inspired by her encounters with waste at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. “I was spending a ridiculous amount of money on materials that could be reused year after year,” she remembers. Instead of purchasing supplies every year, she began saving her used supplies."


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