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Universal Tools at MassArt include the Digital Fabrication Labs, Documentation Room, Installation Room, Lighting Installation Room, Public Spaces, Sound Studio and Woodshop

Universal Tools

MassArt has universal tools and resources that are open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the College, regardless of major. These facilities include the Digital Fabrication Labs (Fablabs) - which include tools for 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser cutting, and a PCLab for 3D modeling; a Documentation Room; an Installation Room; a Lighting Installation Room; Public Spaces; Sound Studio; and Woodshop.

Your friendly neighborhood architect

Graduate student Justin Brazier lends his design skills to community projects in the Greater Boston neighborhoods where he grew up.

"From a young age, Brazier loved to draw. But when it came time for college, he didn’t think he could get a viable job as an artist. Instead, he searched for other exciting careers, hopping between colleges in and out of the Boston area and cycling through numerous majors, from engineering to business to chemistry. But he had no luck with finding a match.


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