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Sculpture BFA

The department offers equal support for all students, from those who wish to concentrate in a particular process to those who work across disciplines or in more exploratory modes. Sculpture faculty are working artists who bring a diverse array of approaches to making sculpture.

Classes explore issues common to sculptors, such as the role of art in community, a small history of sculpture, presentation and site possibilities, and idea development. Junior and senior major studios offer individual mentor time with faculty as well as group critiques with a team of faculty and guest critics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communication Skills (written & verbal)
  • Studio Practice (material safety, craftsmanship, studio habits, personal research, design principles, community & collaboration)
  • History of the Field (traditional, historical, contemporary)
  • Connection of the field and art to the world and society Agency (risk-taking, personal vocabulary)
  • Analyze and “Read” works of art (able to read and analyze objects in the world, including their own art)
  • Cultural Humility (not privileging and one culture or POV)

Courses  Requirements