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Printmaking BFA

The printmaking program at MassArt encapsulates the study of traditional techniques, as well as modern approaches in printmaking.

Our 9,000 square foot studio offers students easy access to cross-media investigation and installation in a collaborative community. Vertical learning is encouraged as junior and senior printmaking majors meet together for 10 hours per week, and have access to their own individual studio space.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciating the role of play, exploration, and investigation in creative practice
  • Understanding and valuing perceptual, formal, and conceptual approaches
  • Understanding and valuing the interdependence of approaches
  • Understanding and embracing materials and methods of drawing
  • Understanding and embracing materials and methods of printmaking
  • Develop technical proficiency in printmaking processes
  • Use of digital and photographic technologies as both interfaces and tools for creation
  • Developing facility in visual analysis and verbal communication about processes, approaches, and presentations
  • Understanding and appreciating historical and contemporary practice and works
  • Developing personal thematic focus
  • Developing clarity of thought and representation
  • Developing innovations in process, approach, and presentation
  • Understanding and appreciating the roles of artists in society
  • Understanding the processes and practices of an artist's professional development

Unique to MassArt

  • Master Print Series: Each spring semester, the Printmaking Department hosts the Master Print Series, an artist-in-residency project, during which an established artist transforms an idea into physical artwork, and invites students to collaborate in the art-making process. Learn more about the Master Print Series
  • Iron Print: Also each spring, MassArt hosts the "Iron Print Competition." Teams of students from area colleges compete to create an edition of 10 prints. Discover Iron Print
  • Southern Graphics Print Council: an annual trip to the Southern Graphics Print Council Conference, the largest print organization in North America, allows students to meet and connect with contemporary master printers.
  • International Fine Print Dealers Association Fine Print Fair: a visit to the Fine Art Print Fair is a living classroom, affording students the opportunity to meet leading art dealers, master printers, and modern publishers from around the world.
  • Museum of Fine Arts Morse Study Room: MassArt students receive complimentary admission to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to deepen their studies. Printmaking classes make regular visits to the Morse Study Room for Prints, Drawings, and Photographs to study the collection of almost 200,000 works ranging from the beginnings of printing in the 15th century to today.
  • McMillan Award: The Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Award provides $7,000 for a student to pursue his/her studies abroad. It is a requirement that seniors apply, and in doing so, students glean the skills to document their work and research, as well as write a grant proposal.

Courses  Requirements