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Print Studio

Printmaking students have access to our 9,000 square foot Print Studio, auxiliary printmaking studio, majors studios and museum print archives.

MassArt’s open-plan 9,000 square foot Print Studio encourages cross-media investigation and installation within a collaborative community. Vertical learning is encouraged as junior and senior Printmaking majors meet together for 10 hours per week, and have access to their own individual studio space within the Print Studio.

The studio includes an etching, relief, monotype area, a lithography and additional relief area, and a silkscreen area. Students have access to two plate makers and one exposure unit used for all print technologies, along with an on-site darkroom.

The computer area contains three iMAC computers, one 11×17″ scanner, two black and white laser printers to create photo and digital transparencies, a digital projector, and a large format projector screen in addition to the College’s large format printers, laser cutter, and photo documentation equipment.

Morse Study Room, Museum of Fine Arts

In addition to MassArt’s expansive print studios, Printmaking classes have regular visits to the Morse Study Room at the neighboring Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to deepen their studies. Students receive complimentary access to the Museum and can make appointments to study its collection of almost 200,000 prints, drawings and photographs ranging from the beginnings of printing in the 15th century to today.

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