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Communication Design BFA

In addition to hands-on studio classes led by practicing designers and design educators, students navigate the challenge of receiving critique on their work and thoughtfully critiquing the work of others.

Throughout the program, students are challenged to develop design solutions in the areas of package design, publication design, web and app design, interactive communication, and advertising, as well as the creation of graphic identities and brand systems.

Students are encouraged to complete an internship during their studies to gain insight into producing design work for clients and discover the application and demands of the profession in different environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practiced a wide variety of approaches to problem solving through design
  • Demonstrated proficiency in developing concepts as well as in implementing visual language and graphic form
  • Designed for a variety of media including print, time-based and interactive, and gained expertise in matching media to content
  • Applied the fundamental concepts of visualizing complex information
  • Gained experience in designing systems that allow users to logically and easily interact with data
  • Demonstrated proficiency in typography for both print and screen environments
  • Developed competent critical language for analyzing and evaluating their own design work and the work of others
  • Learned how to research and evaluate user and audience needs
  • Worked effectively in a team
  • Acquainted themselves, through readings and presentations, with current trends and people in historical and contemporary design
  • Mastered a wide range of technical and craft skills, and gained a realistic understanding of how to implement their knowledge in a professional design environment

Unique to MassArt

Communication design majors share studio space with Illustration majors. This shared space for communication design invites discussion and collaboration across disciplines.

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