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Curriculum & Program Structure

Academic School Year

Successful portfolio creation is achieved through year long sequential classes that build art/design skills, studio practice, reflection and critique skills, and appreciation of art history. Students are also supported with homework help and one-on-one tutoring.

Grade 9: Artist Toolbox:
This course offers high school freshmen the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the visual arts and explore a range of disciplines.

Grade 10: Design Concepts
This course prepares students with an understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design in paper and digital media and pushes their thinking to solve complex design problems.

Grade 11: Portfolio
This class supports junior students in creating work for a college portfolio, developing both observational drawing skills and more personal conceptual work.

Grade 12: Citizen Artist
This course is a multifaceted year where students investigate their community and their own ideas as artists and create a body of work, similar in some ways to a college thesis.


Summer Session

A six-week full-day experience with engaging and relevant academic and art classes.

The Artward Bound summer is a six-week, full day experience designed to build art, academic, and social-emotional skills. Students participate in both Artward Bound and Youth Programs classes, take Math and ELA courses to prepare for the next year of high school, and engage in team building challenges.