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Fall 2020

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Information regarding Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s)

Diagnosis of a psychological disability resulting in a prescription for an emotional support animal is a complex process that requires several sessions in order to understand the presence, intensity, and duration of various symptoms, degree of impairment in several areas of life functioning, and an evaluation of how an emotional support animal (ESA) would help mitigate symptoms and improve functioning.  The MassArt Counseling and Wellness focuses on ongoing treatment and acute/crisis services and we do not provide psychological work-ups for the purposes of disability documentation and ESA prescriptions. For these reasons, the Counseling and Wellness Center does not issue letters of support for ESA’s. The Counseling and Wellness Center is available to provide referrals for students seeking an evaluation for an emotional support animal. For more information regarding obtaining documentation related to an ESA accommodation, please refer to our Service and Emotional Support Animal Policy.

Who is eligible to use the Counseling and Wellness Center?

Any MassArt undergraduate or graduate student.

Do I have to pay?

There is no fee for counseling services provided by the MassArt Counseling and Wellness Center. If you are referred to an off-campus provider, you will be charged for these services. We make every attempt to refer students to providers who accept their insurance plans and/or to providers who can offer a sliding scale fee.

What hours is the Counseling and Wellness Center open?

Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Where do I submit my immunization records?

All incoming MassArt undergraduate and graduate students must submit the Immunization Record Form, completed and signed by a physician, no later than June 15th (December 15th for spring semester). Please fax, email, or bring in person the completed form to:

Counseling and Wellness Center
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115 • F: 617.879.7769

What if I am experiencing a mental health emergency?

If you are on campus, call your RD or call public safety at 617.879.7800 if it is an emergency. Public safety will call the on-call counselor if there is a mental health concern. If you are off-campus and it is a mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency department. 

How do I know if I need counseling?

Counseling is appropriate for anyone who is struggling with a specific problem or has a general concern. Students seek counseling for anxiety, depression, personal growth, relationship issues, identity issues, and acute problems or crises.

Does the Counseling and Wellness Center offer group counseling?

Yes, we offer groups based on student interest.

What if I am concerned about a friend?

If you live on campus, you can speak to your RD or report your concern to the Dean and Associate VP of Student Development. You are also welcome to make an appointment at the Counseling and Wellness Center to discuss your concerns with a counselor. Additionally, you can submit an online report to the ACT team.

Does the Counseling and Wellness Center approve accommodations?

No. All disability accommodations are processed and approved with the required medical documentation by the Academic Resource Center on the 8th floor of Tower, 617.879.7280