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Continuing Education

Invest in your creativity and discover your community.

Adult Programs

MassArt Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) offers over 100 courses and workshops in fine art and design, access to professional design certificates, summer immersive programming and more. Taught remotely and on MassArt's campus. Built for adult lives.

Youth Programs

MassArt's Youth Programs offers a vibrant range of programs for young artists grade 3-12 to develop their creative skills and expand their knowledge in the visual arts. Experience MassArt before college.

MassArt Stories

Artwork by Peggy Houseworth

"the opportunity to explore new media in classes of students with a wide variety of backgrounds and with outstanding faculty helps to create personal and artistic growth."

Cambridge Science Festival Environmental Branding Concept

"Coming to design from the field of education and behavioral psychology, I am passionate about using design as a means of social change."

Consumption Dress by Mary Vando

"I went into the program wanting to make pretty clothes, I came out wanting to make a positive impact in the world."

André Back by Drew Carroll

"I feel like I am able to connect with my creativity in a way that is fully supported and encouraged by the amazing faculty. My individual exploration is embraced and nurtured."

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