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Continuing Education

Invest in in your creativity and discover your community.

Adult Programs

MassArt's Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) offers over 100 courses and workshops in fine art and design, professional design certificates, summer immersive programming and more. Taught on MassArt's campus. Built for adult lives.

Youth Programs

MassArt's Youth Programs offers a vibrant range of programs for young artists grade 3-12 to develop their creative skills and expand their knowledge in the visual arts. Experience MassArt before college.

Artward Bound

Artward Bound is an intensive four-year experience designed to develop artistic skills, thoughful citizenship, and academic achievement.

Massart Stories

Jennifer Comstock at work

"The skills I learned, knowledge I gained, and connections I made in my Continuing Education classes at MassArt were invaluable."

A Spectacular Moment of Failure

"What is glassblowing to me? An inspiration. An avenue to creativity. A challenge. The whole world on the end of a pipe. My new love, passion, obsession."

Henry Marte Filming

"I want to inspire people to come together as human beings."

Hurricane María Coil Study by Verónica Ramírez Martell

"The faculty has fostered exploration in a supportive environment. They guide us to take risks, and not to fear failure."