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Meet the Admissions Counselors & Staff

Do you have questions about MassArt or the application process? Are you interested in a portfolio review or informational chat? Connect with our Admissions staff and discover how they can help you on your MassArt journey.

Office of Admissions

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115 USA • T: 617.879.7222  • F: 617.879.7250

Undergraduate Admissions: Counselors & Staff

If you are a first-time college student, whether domestic or international, you will be assigned an admissions counselor based on the first letter of your last name (family name). Please refer to the following breakdown to identify your counselor:

Student Last Names (Family Names) starting with the letter: Admissions Counselor:
A-D Ryan Carroccino
E-K  Jon Bolles
L-Q Anagha Prasan-Hanna
R-Z Marissa Cote
All transfer students  Shannon Gallagher

Jon Bolles (he/him/his)
Assistant Director of Admissions (counselor for last names starting with E-K) • 617.879.7680

Jon is an admissions counselor and practicing painter. He represents MassArt in Massachusetts (Hampden & Hampshire County) as well as in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. He is excited to introduce students to the art school experience and brings his enthusiasm for art into each classroom visit and portfolio review.

meet with Jon

Ryan Carroccino (he/him/his)
Admissions Counselor (for last names starting with A-D) • 617.879.7227

Ryan is an admissions counselor representing MassArt in Essex County in Massachusetts as well as in New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. Prior to joining the admissions team, Ryan was on the other side of the admissions process as a proud alumnus of MassArt, where he studied Illustration. Ryan keeps an active multi-media studio practice with a focus on painting, and he loves connecting over art, film, and all things creative.

meet with Ryan

Corey Corcoran (he/him/his)
Associate Director of Admissions • 617.879.7239

Corey is the in-office admissions counselor at MassArt. He conducts portfolio reviews and information sessions with prospective students and assists with various marketing and recruitment efforts for the College. He is also a proud MassArt alumnus with an active artistic practice that includes drawing, illustration, and animation. 

Meet with Corey

Marissa Cote (she/her/hers)
Admissions Counselor (for last names starting with R-Z) • 617.879.7229

Marissa is an admissions counselor and practicing artist. She represents MassArt in Massachusetts (Barnstable, Middlesex and Nantucket County) as well as in Connecticut and Illinois. Marissa is a proud MassArt alumna of both the Studio for Interrelated Media and Fibers departments. She enjoys learning about students' artistic ideas and passions, and she loves weaving, color, and long conversations about conceptual art.

Meet with Marissa

Shannon Gallagher (she/hers)
Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions • 617.879.7231

Shannon’s primary focus on the Admissions team is supporting transfer students. As an enthusiastic alumna of MassArt (Photography and SIM), she’s thrilled to be returning to this creative community to help students find their path to accomplishing their education goals. Shannon is always excited to connect with students about their passions and loves to write, photograph, cook, and play outside.

Meet with Shannon

Gina Grenier (she/her/hers)
Director of Admissions • 617.879.7279

Gina has worked in the MassArt Admissions Office for 13 years. She loves being a source of support and guidance for students as they navigate through the art school admissions world. She is a proud alumna ('04 Sculpture) and maintains an active studio practice focusing on ceramics. She also has a slight obsession with cats.

Marcus Payzant (he/him/his)
Associate Director of Admissions • 617.879.7204

Marcus has worked in the MassArt Admissions Office for over five years. He travels frequently on behalf of the College and enjoys connecting with students and teachers in Massachusetts (Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth County) as well as in California and Florida. He earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin and maintains a consistent studio practice that focuses on drawing and painting.

Anagha Prasan-Hanna (she/her/hers)
Admissions Counselor 
(for last names starting with L-Q) • 617.879.7232

Anagha is an admissions counselor representing MassArt in Massachusetts (Worcester & Suffolk County) as well as in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Having experienced MassArt as an international student herself (Painting and Art Education), Anagha is excited to be back amidst new artists and ready to explore their life's ambitions with them. She maintains an active studio practice and keeps up with current conversations in the field. In her free time, she climbs rocks, lifts weights, and obsesses over her resident and foster cats.

Meet with Anagha

Lauren Wilshusen

Lauren Wilshusen (she/her/hers)
Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Management • 617.879.7226

Lauren Wilshusen has been at MassArt for over 19 years. She was drawn to MassArt because of its public mission, dedication to students, and her own love of the arts. Lauren's favorite part of her job is helping students and families navigate the admissions process.

Graduate Admissions

Stacy Petersen Domurat (she/her/hers)
Associate Director, Graduate Admissions and Operations • T: 617.879.7222 • F: 617 879 7250

Office of Student Financial Assistance

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston MA 02115 USA
Tower Building, 8th floor • T: 617.879.7849 • F: 617.879.7880

Janice Evans
Financial Aid Counselor • 617.879.7846

Jocelyn Gomes
Associate Director of Student Financial Assistance • 617.879.7853

Aurelio Ramirez
Director of Student Financial Assistance •  617.879.7847